About Me

Shawn Wickersheim lives in historic Woodstock Illinois with his wife and children. He is currently hard at work on his next fantasy novel. Seriously! Hard. At. Work. So hard at work he doesn’t have time to update this out-of-date photo of himself. Look at all that hair! Now, because he spends all of his free time HARD AT WORK writing, he’s cut his hair even shorter to save time on drying and combing. That is time better spent writing books for YOUR ENJOYMENT. He still only shaves occasionally too, again so there’s more writing time.
When he does have ‘free’ time, AKA: time when he’s not chained up in his office in front of his computer frantically writing his next book (while at the same time burning through at least single-digits worth of calories typing), he does enjoy watching movies and . . . cleaning the house. Yeah, let’s go with that. Cleaning the house.
He recently was convinced to join Facebook. Since he couldn’t be the first person to sign up, he decided instead to be one of the last (which, let’s be honest, is basically impossible to do because the human race keeps creating more and more people and more and more people keep joining Facebook).  He even started a Facebook Author page, because well, he does have fans all over the world. It might only be one or two fans in a handful of countries, but they know who they are. (And it’s on you now to tell other people about him and his books — be vocal! He can’t do it all by himself! He’s too busy writing!)
Other places to find info about Shawn is over at Goodreads.com. If you’ve read any of his books, especially if you loved (or even liked) them, he enjoys and appreciates your reviews there and on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be much — even a few words help. In fact, if you’re stuck on what to write, he is willing to provide you a few key sample words:
Excellent, gritty, masterful, one of my favorite books of all time, I loved it, phenomenal, 5-stars, I couldn’t put it down, a twisted wonderful tale, where has this book been all of my life, you must buy this book, you must read this book now! Extraordinary! OMG ❤ it!
Pick or choose a few, string a couple together or hell, copy and paste the entire section. It’s all good.
Now, if you hated his books to the very core of your being, well, you could either keep very, very quiet about that — or write an incredibly scathing and colorful review because frankly sometimes those help sell books too.
He’d wish you a great day and a thanks for visiting, but he’s HARD AT WORK on his next fantasy novel.

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