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New Cover Art for The Penitent Assassin

Yes, it finally happened. The Penitent Assassin has a new cover. In fact, over the next few months, all of my books will be getting new covers thanks to the talented work of J Caleb Clark / JCalebDesign.

The Rush of Betrayal books will be getting the biggest make-over. New covers AND new titles. In fact, it will also be split slightly differently too — switching from a duology into a trilogy. Each book will be roughly 95-100k words long. (Currently, the first book is about 100k words long while the second book is pushing 200k words). Since I will be making paperback versions available of all my books this year – I wanted a bit more uniformity in their appearance (plus, as you can imagine, printing charges for massive paperbacks was not very appealing).

The new titles will be:

The Savage Nobles: Stolen Dagger (Part One)

The Savage Nobles: Stolen Justice (Part Two)

The Savage Nobles: Stolen Crown (Part Three)

I’ll likely tease at least part of the first new cover over on my Facebook Author page soon. (If you’re on Facebook and you’re not following/friending me over there – please like and follow my Facebook Author Page.)

Thank you!

Earlier today, I saw the first draft of the second cover – and I can’t wait to see the third one in September.

Okay – back to The Penitent Assassin. I have a proof copy of it heading my way and I expect to have it in my hands later this week. I am waaaaay beyond excited and to be honest, I’m almost speechless….I mean, it’s been a lifelong dream to hold a book of mine in my hands so…..big smiles, big smiles!

Shortly after I approve it, the paperbacks will be available for sale. (I’m hoping for mid-August). The Savage Nobles trilogy will likely be late summer/early fall.

Finally – I do have a very rough first draft of a new book featuring some of the characters from my previous books along with new characters finished – and once I’m done with all the paperback formatting work, I’ll dive back into editing it. I’d love to have it available by the end of the year — but it might slip into early 2019. Unfortunately, life sometimes has a way of messing up one’s plans.

Thanks for reading!




The Rush of Betrayal: Book One News Update

Hello Friends. I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here but I’ve been hard at work on the final edits for the new book, The Rush of Betrayal (book one and two). I’ll have the book covers done in the next week or so and my goal is to have the first book available for purchase by the end of June 2012 (with book two available sometime later this year – my goal is October 2012).

When the cover for Book One is done, I’ll post a copy of it here so you can see what it looks like – meanwhile, I thought I’d include a sample of Chapter One today. Let me get any legal type stuff I might need out of the way…. Read More…