About my Book

While The Penitent Assassin is the first book I published online in the form of an e-book, it is far from the first book I’ve ever written. Many of my older manuscripts are simply waiting (some impatiently) to be edited, finished, or tweaked to one degree or another. Also, there is the matter of attaching cover art to each piece. My good friend, and fellow author, the talented Kimberly Pauley  has graciously offered to continue to assist me with creating my covers, however, I’m still in the final prep stages of my next project and I haven’t sent her any additional photos yet. And before you ask…no, that is not me on the cover of The Penitent Assassin. I wanted an image on the cover that would be eye-catching, and from what I’ve heard, (primarily from female readers) I’ve succeeded in doing that, but at the same time I wanted to make sure the man on the cover wasn’t SO handsome that the readers were endlessly drawn to his face and never moved on to the content inside. I’d rather you read my book, not just purchase it for the gorgeous man on the cover, and with that in mind, I refrained from using my own image. I’m sure you all appreciate my discretion in this matter.


So, what is The Penitent Assassin about? In the most simplest terms, it is a revenge story…but I’d like to think it’s more that just that. It’s about finding justice in a world where justice is hard to find. It’s about the relationships between fathers and sons (and in the case of the main character Mallor, additionally the relationship between father and daughter). It’s about sin and redemption. It’s about doing what needs to be done even if it doesn’t always seem to be the ‘right’ thing to do. It can be dark and gritty at times, but it also has some humorous touches as well. One reader told me the book kicked some serious ass and then spent the next ten minutes or so quoting back some of his favorite lines. Naturally, I was pleased that he was happy. I write because I love writing and telling stories but I also love to entertain people…and he was obviously entertained by my book.

I hope when you read The Penitent Assassin, you are entertained too.

As I publish more books and short stories, I will continue to update this section of my blog.

Currently, The Penitent Assassin is for sale at many e-book online stores for only $2.99. Find it easily for most e-readers at Smashwords.com . You can download the first 15% for free there too (which as it turns out is a sample of the first nine chapters of the book). At roughly 134,500 words, in print form, it would be a novel of approximately 450 pages.

Or, if you prefer shopping at Amazon.com  or Barnes&Noble.com .

Thank you for your time and support. I sincerely hope to convert you into a fan.

Have a great day!


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